Reading and Phonics Schemes

Our children enjoy learning phonics and reading.

Our daily phonics programme for EYFS and Key Stage 1 children is based on "Letters and Sounds."  Children work in small groups depending on which phase of Phonics they are working on.   Our phonics teaching includes practical activities and games, such as phonics aerobics, as well as reading and writing activities.

We use Bug Club (also known as Rigby Star Phonics) as our main guided reading scheme.  In Key Stage 1 this scheme is based on the "synthetic phonics" approach to the teaching of reading, using a mixture of fiction and non-fiction texts, and books chosen provide reinforcement of the phonics phase the children are working on.

Once children are secure with phonics, we introduce other reading resources including books from Rigby Star, Rigby Rockets and Project X.  These give children a more varied reading experience as they grow older.  By the time children reach Key Stage 2, the majority are able to tackle a range of different texts and guided reading books are drawn from a wide range of resources.

Our main home reading schemes are Floppy Phonics and Phonics Bug (until children are confident with decoding  phonics) and Project X (more fluent readers who are no longer reliant on decoding).  By the end of Year 2, most children no longer need the structure of the reading scheme for home reading, and have moved on to choosing their own reading books from the school library.

We encourage all children to borrow books from our school library.  Initially these will be books they would like a grown-up or older sibling to read to them, but as they become more confident with their own reading they will be able to identify sounds they are learning and high frequency words.

Older children are encouraged to borrow non-fiction as well as fiction books, to pursue their interests and hobbies.