Our vision for RE is to develop:

  • successful learners who achieve their potential in RE, providing  children with a foundation of Christian values on which to build their lives, giving them the opportunity to start discovering who they are and their place in the world
  • confident individuals who receive the highest standard of RE, which reflects the school’s distinctive Christian character and education
  • responsible and spiritual citizens who gain a greater understanding of the faith and behaviour of the wider community.
  • active engagement, drawing on appropriate outside expertise to enhance our RE curriculum

Our RE curriculum is based on Questful RE (Blackburn Diocese syllabus) and follows a 2 year rolling programme.  Each class has a different contrasting religion focus.  In this photograph we are putting into practice what we learned about sukkahs built for the Jewish Sukkot festival. 


Our curriculum is further enriched with

  • theme afternoons such as World Faith celebrations; including Hanukah, Diwali and Chinese New Year
  • visiting speakers/activity organisers such as Building Bridges in Burnley, Vicar from All Saints Church
  • picture news worship, promoting care and responsibility for our world, British Values
  • visits such as to All Saints Church, Synagogue, Mandir and Mosque
  • extra curricular activities at lunchtime and after school such as Spiritual leaders and Reflective leaders