Our vision for Science is to develop

  • successful learners who achieve their potential in Science
  • confident individuals who are able to use key concepts in a range of contexts, both familiar and unfamiliar, and build up confidence in their application  
  • responsible and spiritual citizens who have natural curiosity and wonder about the world in which they live
  • active engagement, drawing on appropriate outside expertise to enhance our Science curriculum

Science is part of a child’s broad, balanced curriculum, integral to the basic curriculum of the school and part of the child’s all-round development. Our science curriculum fulfils the requirements of the national curriculum in Science. 

In EYFS, planning is based on the EYFS statutory framework.  In Key Stage 1 and 2, the school follows the National Curriculum. The knowledge and skills in each unit of work are laid down in the National Curriculum which covers our overarching concepts of plants, animals, materials, living things and their habitats, rocks, light, Earth and space, forces, states of matter, sound, electricity. Alongside these units the skill of working scientifically is embedded into the teaching process. This includes observing over time; pattern seeking; identifying, classifying and grouping; comparative and fair testing and researching using secondary sources. 

Science is taught as part of "Learning Means the World", our thematic curriculum mapped and planned effectively through a 2 year rolling curriculum.


Our provision is further enriched with

  • theme afternoons such as British Science Week 
  • visiting speakers/activity organisers such as Mad Science assemblies and Science workshops.
  • picture news worship, promoting scientific discoveries, issues around health and animal conservation.
  • Mad Science club
  • participation in national initiatives such as Fish Keeper Fry and Polar explorers
  • visits to places such as Blackpool Pleasure Beach (forces) and Brockholes (habitats)  

Year 1,2 and 3 enjoyed their creepy-crawly roadshow!